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Our Process

When it comes to mobile app development, we take everything seriously. No detail is too small for our attention. We strictly follow an effective and systematic approach that can bring your dream app to life in just five steps. As a result, you get an app that meets your standards, set price and scheduled delivery.

1. Ideation

It all starts with your idea. Don’t really have an app or game concept yet? Don’t worry. We can brainstorm together and come up with an app or game concept that is in line with your objectives, requirements and goals. Rest assured that the discussions and negotiations between us will be kept confidential.

2. Planning and Strategy

Planning and strategising is the most critical phase of mobile app development. This is where we get into the tiniest details. This is where we finalise the ideas and plan the technical scope, design and user experience. In other words, this is where we provide concrete answers to all the what, why and how questions concerning your mobile application.

3. Development

Taking action is what this process is all about. We will carry out the blueprint we have carefully crafted from smart planning and strategising.

4. App Testing

To make sure that the finished app works the way it should be, it will be subject to rigorous testing. What happens when the app fails the test? Don’t panic because its flaws are what we are trying to discover and iron out in this process. We won’t stop until all the bugs and glitches are eliminated.

5. Launch

Once we are 100% sure that your app is good to go, it only means one thing. The time to upload it to the App Store for all the world to see has come. Don’t get nervous because we will still be beside you as you launch your dream app. We will even help you with the promotion.

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