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Apptiv is the innovative offspring of Creativ Digital, specializing in the development of cutting-edge Android and iOS applications. Established under the visionary leadership of Creativ Digital founder, Scott Donald, in 2007, Apptiv was conceived to cater to the growing demand for creative, functional, and technologically advanced mobile app solutions.

Apptiv's Mission

As a dedicated unit within the Creativ Digital family, our mission at Apptiv is to revolutionize the digital landscape, starting with mobile apps. We pride ourselves on diverging from conventional norms, embracing a unique approach that we call “Think Apptiv.” Our primary aim is to simplify complex technologies, delivering unparalleled quality and efficiency in every app we create. We are committed to reducing the stress associated with digital solutions for businesses and consistently exceeding customer expectations. Our core values revolve around simplicity and exceptional service, eliminating the usual complexities involved in establishing a powerful online presence.


At Apptiv, we craft high-quality mobile applications that empower our clients to maintain and update their digital footprint effortlessly. Recognizing that a successful online presence extends beyond app development, we also offer comprehensive online marketing services. This includes logo design, search engine optimization, and email advertising to ensure the success of your mobile application.

Our team comprises experts dedicated to ensuring your business thrives in the mobile ecosystem. Innovation, fueled by unwavering dedication, is at the heart of everything we do. We eagerly tackle challenges that baffle others, and we invite you to challenge us with your unique mobile app needs!



Join hands with Apptiv, where mobile app innovation meets excellence. Contact us today to embark on your journey towards a dynamic and successful mobile app presence.

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