Mobile phones are our partners in day-to-day activities because they help us a lot through the mobile apps that we particularly have. They help us pay our bills, transact business with clients and business partners, find a good fine dining and a movie to relax, and many more. But is there a time when it seems your phone is acting so strange. If it does, thenthe chances are your smartphone is hacked!  It may be infected with some malware that  has the ability to get into your personal information, acquire some access to your bank account, steal from you by unauthorised charges on your smartphone bills, and many more.

So, how will you know that your smartphone phone is hacked?


If your mobile phone is acting like silly like it sends text messages by itself or it opens apps, then your unit may be infected. You may have that experience when you try to use your apps and they do not open and work. Malware or malicious apps have compromised your phone and they can control its functions and apps.

• There are some unauthorised charges on your phone bills. Do your phone bills reflect some international calls that you did not make? Strange, but it is wise to check the charges on your phone bills. If this happens, no matter how small or big these charges can be, but there are chances that your mobile phone is infected with malware. It can  send some text messages that will be charged to your bills and the money will get into the bank account of the author of the malware.
• When your battery drains so quickly, it may mean that the malware applications operates in the background and it drains your phone battery quicker compared to normal activity.

If one or all of these are occurring to your smartphone, then, it is time to check if your phone has malware in it. You can do this by reviewing all the mobile apps with a Lookout Security and Antivirus systems. You can have it downloaded for free through Google and it will notify you if there is some malware on your phone and you can delete it.

There are some apps that help to keep your mobile phone from malware. You can have these simple guidelines to keep your unit safe:
• Download a security system such as Lookout and have some scanning features to help you protect your phone.
• Check before you click because there are malwares that are embedded through some website links that instantly download some malicious apps to your mobile phone without permission. There are some paid mobile phone security apps that help you browse websites safely and notifies you when the site is malicious. Go only to reliable online stores to shop like the Amazon and Apple App Store. Avoid downloading some websites that are unfamiliar to you or sites you have not heard of to prevent from being infected with malware.
• Regularly update your security software to prevent the authors of malware apps to benefit from your phone’s weaknesses in its operating systems. By updating your security apps, you can reduce the chances of your phone being hacked or infected.

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