We all recognise that there is a transition in the lifestyle and in the way we work. When iPhone was introduced in 2007, there was also a change in the concept of doing business. There was a remarkable growth and demand how businesses should work with the use of mobile gadgets and apps. The emergence of different mobile gadgets and new technology related to this, ways have been made so that these varying gadgets can work well together. There were more mobile apps that were developed. Some analysts and huge industry players have foreseen 2013 as the year when the mobile applications will be on its full blasts and new and additional business applications will be offering new competitive services and increase the productivity. Mobile apps developers will continue to create innovations and take advantage of the benefits of the cloud and other apps to provide better business apps. Partnerships will be emphasized and added advanced technology such as speech recognition. These analysts see the huge possibility that the desktop software today may become outmoded with the mobile technology. Mobile apps will become the essential aspects of the industry.

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Analysts also see the possibility of the mobile gadgets to have functional apps with greater capabilities compared to the desktop software. The problem with today’s mobile apps technology is that they lack the capabilities of working together with other gadgets which limit the in-time interaction among the various apps. But when these apps will be able to connect, then the desktop apps may become outmoded. There will a transition when the integration of the cloud can happen. More people will be able to work on the same documents or check the data of particular customer at the same time. Experts are seeing services and features that will allow more levels of capabilities to the present apps such as location-based services for the clients, enhanced automation, instant speech integration with the text recordings during conference calls, and many more. With these functions and more usage, mobile apps will have more tasks compared to any PC can handle.

There will be specialised and customised apps to address to particular business’ needs and requirements, like more customised applications for customer and sales services. There will be more functional apps for the sales executives using the proximity-based location and cloud-based integration to know the potential market or clients to send contracts and billings. There will be mobile apps that will be useful for those in human resources as they can integrate multiple apps to handle employees and employers’ feedback, wages and salaries by just pressing a button. Mobile gadgets will be more connected and apps will be more useful tools, especially for business and industries.

The Challenges in Australia
Mobile technology has seeped into the population of Australia and mobile gadget is now considered as important part of aussies’ lives. It is helping the businesses and companies addressing to the stiff commerce competition and clients’ expectations. There are companies now who have ventured into expanding its scope outside its facilities and their working hours are increasingly relying on wireless systems to remain connected with the company.

The challenge started in 2003 when Telstra introduced BlackBerry wireless email system. After this event, other mobile carriers offered more options and affordability features. For Australian companies, wireless email is considered the most important business mobile app.

Since the Australian businesses are starting to give way to another milestone in high-speed networks and mobile apps. Challenges involve improving client relationship management or CRM to enhance sales staff, managing effective its inventory for the employees who are assigned in the field, and other business apps like mobile transactions, assets monitoring, and location services.

Surely, the challenge is seen to be productive and fruitful ahead. Employee management, marketing campaigns, and customer management will be more integrated and will be handled easily and effectively across Australia and even their transactions globally.

Hence, Apptiv is joining the venture with the Aussies. Our trained and friendly team of mobile apps developers can assist you in creating apps useful for your business. Contact us now and let us start the journey together.

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