Are you attending a business convention in Asia yet you still need to monitor your business in Australia or in any part of the world? There is no need to worry. With your smartphone and right mobile apps, you can benefit from the convention you will be attending and enjoy the beautiful places in Asia, and at the same time monitor the activities of your business.

Here are some smartphone apps that will guide throughout your trip to Asia:

You must have a mobile app that can help you organise your expenses and synchronise them with yourn debitand credit cards. The most popular application for this is known as Expensify. It has the ability to organise your receipts and check on your expenses anywhere and anytime you are. If you pay or buy something in cash, it has capability to scan your original receipts into the apps with the help of the built-in camera of your smartphone. After the trip or any time you need to have an expense report, you can easily browse it and even send it through email in the form of PDF.

As you are going to some place, having a mobile app that can provide you with information about flights and hotels is just what you need. Expedia application helps you find the flight you need or a hotel and then make booking from your smartphone.

So, you are in Tokyo and you are preparing to attend the business convention or meeting. Mobile app called FindTOKYO! apps4 can help you locate the streets of Tokyo by providing you with detailed maps, the trains, and other tips to help you locate the venue. The apps can also help you find restaurants, hotels, temples, and other places in Tokyo. There is no need to connect to an internet to do this function.

Another help is right on your hands when you need a taxi to get you to particular place or venue, or in situations where you feel you are at a lost. HoodHot is a taxi guide where you can type the place or specific address in your smartphone and this app has the ability to translate the address in any language and you just have to show the photocard to the taxi driver. Whether the driver is Spanish or Japanese, you will be able to find your way to the convention or meeting place.

If you are thinking that there might be given many business cards that you do not want to lose any of them, there is a mobile app known as CardMunch that will build contacts in your smartphone having all the information of each one in the cards.

There are many mobile applications that can be very helpful when you travel in any part of the world. All you need to have is to have the right mobile apps in all the transactions and data you need when you travel. Apptiv can help you identify the right applications for you and create them. Contact us now.

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