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Mobile phones are very important to man’s daily activities because it is through this phone that he/she connects to the world, whether it is for personal or business purposes. It is where your pertinent data and information are stored. So, it is just fitting that you should take care of your gadget and makes it lasts longer.

Here are some factors that can damage mobile phones:

Moisture is the number one enemy of your mobile phones and if you bring your mobile phone to the bathroom and expose it to the steam, it is enough to destroy your gadget. When you have it fixed, the mobile phone repairman checks at the small white spot inside your mobile gadget and if it becomes red, then your phone has moisture.

When your phone has moisture in it, turn off your gadget and get the battery. Then, place the mobile phone inside a plastic bag and have it fixed to a phone repairman by drying out your mobile gadget with an ultrasonic bath to get and prevent corrosion. And this will cost you for about $50, more or less.

You can dry your phone at home by placing it in a plastic bag with rice and dry shredded newspapers to suck up the moisture. Avoid turning on the unit until you are sure that it is fully dry inside. If you turn your unit when it is not fully dried, it may cause a short circuit. Never use hairdryer to dry it since it can push the moisture further into your gadget.

Broken Screen
Another mobile phone problem is when the screen is broken or has cracks. This can be resolved by replacing parts, if they are still on hand.

You can prevent this kind of damage to the screen of your mobile gadget but taking extra care of it. Avoid placing your gadget inside your pocket with coins or keys in it. There is a plastic screen protector available in mobile phone stores or you can buy it online from online stores. Cut the screen protect to the precise size of your screen and before putting over your phone’s screen, make sure that it is clean and without oil.

Error Notifications
When you are receiving error messages and when your phone cannot connect to Wi-Fi, or it is running slowly, it can be signs to reboot your gadget.

First, be sure that all your data are saved somewhere and be ready to lose some of your phone settings. Then, get the battery while it is turned one and wait for a minute and replace it. This will make your phone to do the hard reset. When the process does not work, then, you can bring it to a mobile phone centre and have it fixed by licensed personnel.

If you have purchased an expensive smartphone, there are some companies that offer insurance for your phones. Review the details of the policy as the insurance can be very expensive and has too many clauses and you may later realise that it is more costly to insure your gadget compared to buying a new one.




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