ceo2It is indeed confusing to find the right mobile applications with thousands of apps to choose from. We have searched and read reviews from different users online and we have come up with eight mobile apps that we believe are very important for CEOs.

Task Manager
A CEO has to attend to many activities including meetings and conferences and most of the time, they fly and live in hotels. Get that powerful mobile application for your iPad or iPhone that has the capacity to monitor tasks by projects, or by dates or places, or by people, and can send notification to others regarding some deadlines you need to complete.

Siri Virtual
Busy CEOs must have a personal assistant to notify them anything, from booking a taxi to an appointment to see a movie. If hiring a real person is not in your budget, then you can have a virtual assistant app popularly known as Siri Assistant which you can download for free. This mobile application is very good concept on artificial intelligence software that Apple used millions of dollars to get Siri and infuse it into their iOS.

Do you need assistance in organising your receipts and in writing your expense report, especially after your business trips? Through iPhone application like expensify synchronises with the credit cards to monitor expenses or purchases in real-time, gets the electronic receipts, scans the receipts with the use of the iPhone camera, and makes a PDF expense report ready for email. When your purchases are made through cash, you can scan a picture of the receipt through the iPhone to synchronise it into your account. With this unique mobile app, you can make and produce your expense report efficiently.

Credit Card Terminal
Your iPhone can be used as credit card terminal and it has the capability to accept the payments of customers even when you are not around physically. It has the following functions: retrieve and store customer contact information from the address book, accepts major credits such as MasterCard and Visa, sends email of PDF receipts with maps, takes digital signatures, contains optional credit card reader, process compete and partial refunds, and records your transactions.

Dropbox is famous for its free service that allows you to share your documents, videos, and pictures globally. When you have completely installed Dropbox on your computer, you can save your files to the Dropbox instantly. You will be able to read any file, save pictures and videos and share them.

Handy Scanner
For a busy executive as you are, there will be times when you have to read documents. There is a mobile app called Scanner Pro which can be installed into your iPhone so you scan any file you want. It is bought for about $7.

There are several iPhone business applications that are useful but they may not appear in the App stores. You can search and hire mobile app developers and discuss with them the business apps that you need to become successful CEO. Apptiv has reliable and trained mobile apps developers who are ready to help you in creating the right applications for executives like you.

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