Organisations, businessmen, and some individuals continue to find ways through the use of  new apps to make daily transactions and activities easier and simpler. Australia is going skyhigh using  new mobile apps, including their banking systems.


Commonwealth Bank or CommBank continues to find ways in making banking transactions for Aussies easy and simple. Recently, they have created new apps, particularly with iPhone and Android users, a digital wallet system. The bank introduced its new mobile system that allows their customers check their balance and look for ATM, send money to their friends and families via Facebook, pay their bills trough BPay with QR code reader. QR codes are on the bills sent through mail.

This gives Commonwealth Bank an edge over other banks in the mobile banking transactions like payments of bills. These new features and enhancement will be functional in the later part of 2013 up 2014. The banking improvements from CommBank aim at providing customers access to its latest daily technology. It also published a couple of new NFC payment scheme solutions that intend to change and make payments easier for the customers for goods and services. This new banking technology is done through the CommBank new apps on their mobile phones.

Mr Harte of Commonwealth Bank stated that bank clients nowadays want to have access to their accounts. this includes their easy accessibility for payment transactions with the use of smartphones, PC, and tablets. These requests inspired CommBank to continue improving and upgrading their banking technology and provide customers real-time services. With the e-wallet new  apps from this bank, customers in Australia can now enjoy paying goods and services, from coffees to groceries – through a single tap that turns their smartphones into a functional e-wallet.

With the new CommBank app, customers will be able to pay goods and services “on-the-go,” make banking transactions anywhere and anytime. New apps and features of the e-wallet are as follows:

• CommBank PayTag which is the bank’s “smart” sticker that can attach to your smartphone to secure contactless payments for about $100. This PayTag is activated through the new CommBank app which is the only one of its kind in Australia. This CommBank PayTag is compatible to all iPhone and Android smartphones.

• Improved CommBank app can be used in iPhone, Android, and Windows 8 smartphones for those who are new to the mobile technology. This new app enables the bank customers to handle their daily banking needs, do mobile payments on bills and transfers, daily banking like checking of balances and more.

• Embedded NFC solution is yet to come for some smartphones. This is phone-embedded NFC solution of Commonwealth Bank that will allow the customers to do contactless payments through the CommBank apps.

Security is essential to these new apps and features. The CommBank executive, Michael Harte, stated that the bank continues to find ways in improving the relationships they have with their clients by assuring them that each transaction with CommBank is safe. This system is in the form of a small sticker attached to your account and then affixed to your mobile gadget and serves as a type of digital paying. CommBank clients can request for the PayTag via “Tap & Pay” of the application, and activating it when the small sticker is attached at the back of smartphone you are using. When the sticker is activated, then you can begin using the CommBank app to transact with the bank.


More and more people, entrepreneurs, and organisations are seeing the relevance of the mobile gadgets and mobile apps in everyday life. They assist organisations in connecting to their customers as well as their employees. Even the banks have recognized this importance. They need to improve services and make life easy for their clients.

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