If you are considering to use Android for your business apps, whether by putting up an app store or by being an app developer or both, here are some advantages that you can get:

Android is considered to have a great platform for businesses that are new to mobile gadgets. Android apps use Java with many libraries and if you have an adequate knowledge about Java, you can run Android apps easily. This feature can be good for your business apps.

Android has a platform that is ideal for inter-application and inter-process structures. This means that if you have several apps and you want to combine these apps or cross campaign them, Android can do it for you. Where other platforms permit background procedure, Android platform allows processes among various business apps for users.

Android offers free in licensing, royalty, and open source. The principle behind Android is SDK is an open source making it easier for you to see updates and new releases and gives you feedback to its development staff. This feature provides an easy yet functional platform which is attractive to handset producers and wireless operators, giving the developers better chances to earn. For the same reasons, you can also customise and integrate vertical market app. Take note that the whole platform of Android can be used for customisation which is good for business apps.

Uniquely different from other platform, using Android for your business apps can be circulated in different ways. Preferably, you can use the Google market but you can use other third-party app stores or you can establish your own distribution outlets. If you prefer vertical market app, you can create new app stores and place it behind the corporate walls. If you want to establish it, then you will be able to publish it and reach your target end-users. What about the third-party apps stores? They can have their own rules on what to publish. With Android, there are lots of options to choose from!

Some disadvantages you need to watch:
Users complain about the battery that drains too quickly. There are those who claim that the battery drains after playing games for 5 minutes.

You may have difficulty in signing in to your Google account for Android but telecom service providers have come up with discount offers on its GPRS packages.

Google offers lots of good apps but watch for spammers because hackers can get easily into Google play store and put malware in them. Some reviews said that with 10 apps that you have downloaded every day, there are chances that 5 of these apps are malware. Watch out for this incidence!

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